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Your Boutique Marketing Partner for Boutique Brands
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At Koettum,
Crafting Success for Boutique Brands
Our mission,

We aim to blend timeless traditions with cutting-edge marketing

Harnessing AI and Advanced Strategies While Grounding in Time-Tested Techniques

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Thony Nava in Roma
Our vision,

We aim to be the core of a lifestyle boutique brand's success

Working Hand-in-Hand with Brands We Love, Turning Passions into Profits Together. ⏀ I've not worked with RP yet.

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Thony Nava with Rocky Patel
Our approach,

We offer personalized service that traditional agencies can't

More than an Agency - A Trusted Friend and Ally Who Understands the Heart of Your Brand

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Thony Nava in Croatia
What we are best at

Our Services

Content Creation
Crafting authentic narratives that
encapsulate the soul of your brand
Influencer Marketing
Forming partnerships with voices
that elevate your brand's resonance
Events & Sponsorships
Transforming your products into
unforgettable lifetime experiences
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Book a call with us for a tailored
strategy that fits your brand
Distributor Collaborations
Linking brands to distributors across
Europe, the Balkans, and more
Social Media Management
Ignite conversations, fuel passion, and
engage with consumers who resonate
Why Choose

𝐊 | koettum

7 transformative years.
We've witnessed, adapted, and led changes. Tradition meets innovation; we are at the crossroads.
We bridge boutique brands to influential collaborators, events, and platforms. Navigate the industry with an insider's edge.
We dive deep, understanding not just your brand, but your vision, values, and aspirations. It's not about fitting in; it's about standing out.
More than just an agency,
consider us an integral part of your brand's journey. Your vision, our expertise, a shared success story.
Employing AI models and advanced analytics, delivering tools and insights that match the premium caliber of the brands we serve.
Beyond campaigns, we architect comprehensive marketing blueprints.
From brand identity to audience engagement.
Our expertise isn't bound by industry borders.
From finance to healthcare, our strategies have propelled brands to new heights.
Now, we channel that proven prowess to elevate lifestyle brands like yours.

Our Track Record

Bourbon Real Talk
Passionate about bourbon whiskey
We help them grow their reach by 20X
A monetary system, gold and silver
Expanded under our collaboration
Cosmic Research
Low-cost suborbital rockets
We help them with branding
50+ Customers
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Crypto Currency State
Financial education platform,
Expanded under our collaboration
Moss Clinic
Aesthetic health clinic
We help them with ads design
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